Yard Waste

Beginning in January 2019 yard waste collection will cycle more frequently each Wednesday of non-holiday weeks. This will coincide with the overall Sanitation Modernization initiative that begins January 7th, 2019. A hard-stock calendar will follow with the issuance of the new 65-gallon cart along with final details.

Sanitation Modernization

Sanitation Modernization leaves all other aspects of the Yard Waste Program in place and unchanged including:

  • Yard waste will not be collected if it is placed out on collection days that are not designated yard waste days. Please refer to the calendar/schedule for specified days and note that yard waste collection does not happen on weeks with a holiday such as 4th of July week.
  • Yard waste includes clippings (including grass), branches, brush, etc, The yard waste collection service ensures that organic waste is treated as such and taken to a composting site rather than into a landfill.


Other details of the service include:

  • Branches and sticks must be no more than four feet long and should be bundled together and tied with string
  • In the Fall do not place leaves in with yard waste - utilize the borough's curb-side Leaf Collection program
  • Leave at the curb
  • No dirt or stones
  • No plastic bags please 
  • Place yard debris directly in trash cans or large brown paper yard waste bags sold at hardware and grocery stores
  • The program runs all year round once or twice per month on Wednesdays. ( see schedule for dates that are circled.)
  • Yard waste must be out to your curb by 7 a.m. on the scheduled pickup date
  • Christmas Tree collection is concurrent with yard-waste collection borough-wide per the yard waste collection schedule. Alternately you may drop off your tree to be mulched at the following sites: 
    • Mulch Works 22 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Aston, 888-214-4628
    • Delco Mulch 1720 State Rd, Upper Darby, 610-352-8008
    • Mulch Express , 610-558-3294