Roads / Highway (State Versus Local Roads)

Submit problems on state roads online at PennDOT Customer Care or dial 800-349-7623.

State Roads

These are the state roads in Lansdowne:

  • Baltimore Avenue (all)
  • Lansdowne Avenue (all)
  • Marshall Road (all)
  • Stewart Avenue (Lansdowne Avenue to Union Avenue)

The remaining roads are Lansdowne Borough owned roads.


There are over 21 lane miles in Lansdowne Borough to be plowed. An average winter storm event of four to six inches of snow requires a minimum of one and one-half days plowing after the snow has stopped falling to clear a path on all streets. During and after a snow event arterial and collector streets must be plowed continually to provide for emergency access; local street plowing may not begin until after snow has stopped falling. Please keep this and the following answers to FAQs in mind to help the Borough perform this challenging and important service.

We ask that residents NOT throw snow in the road when clearing their property. 

Snow is pushed where it is most convenient and maximizes plowing operations. We do not purposely place snow on anyone’s property.