Tax Collection

Lansdowne Borough generates revenue for operations from several sources including:

  • A real estate tax based on the assessed value of individual properties.
  • A sewer fee based on connections to the Borough sewer system and gallons of water consumed.
  • A trash fee of $310 per housing unit.
  • A Local Services Tax (LST) of $52 per employee whose job is in Lansdowne Borough.

The LST is not collected by the Tax Collector.

Business Privilege & Mercantile License Tax or an Earned Income Tax

The Borough does not impose a Business Privilege and Mercantile License Tax or an Earned Income Tax.

Tax Collector Position

The Tax Collector is an elected position the current term of which expires in January of 2022 and, while paid a salary by the Borough, the Tax Collector is not a Borough staff person. The Tax Collector can receive payments by mail, in-person, or at WSFS Bank branches.


  1. 9 E Baltimore Avenue
    Lansdowne, PA 19050