Human Relations Complaints

Complaint Forms

  • You must file this form within 180 days after the alleged act of discrimination.
  • You may file your complaint with the Pennsylvania State Human Relations Commission or with the Lansdowne Human Relations Commission; however, filing with the Lansdowne Human Relations Commission may jeopardize your eligibility to later file with the State. The decision of the Lansdowne Human Relations Commission will be final.
  • The Lansdowne Human Relations Commission reserves the right to refer any case to the State Human Relations Commission before officially docketing the case in Lansdowne.
  • Complete the attached form (DOC) and deliver in a sealed envelope to the Lansdowne Borough Manager's Office. Affix your signature over the envelope seal.
  • The Borough Manager will notify the Lansdowne Human Relations Commission Chair or Vice-Chair within 10 days. The envelope will remain sealed until it is delivered to the Lansdowne Human Relations Commission.
  • The Lansdowne Human Relations Commission will send a copy of the complaint to the named respondent [the person/organization you are filing the complaint against] within 30 days from the date of docketing the complaint.
  • The respondent will have 30 days to send a written, verified answer to the complaint.
  • To avoid rewriting your answers, please read the complaint form from beginning to end before filling out your answers to individual questions. Please answer every applicable question as fully as possible, and to the best of your present knowledge, information and belief. There is a Continuation Page at the end if you need additional room to answer the questions. If you are unsure of your answer, please say so.
  • It is your responsibility to notify this Agency of a change of address or times of unavailability. Failure to notify this Agency may result in dismissal of the matter.
  • Please see Lansdowne Human Relations Code (PDF) for full details.
  • If you will have an attorney representing you on this matter, please have your attorney send us a letter that confirms this. (you do not need an attorney to file a complaint.)

Contact Information

  • Lansdowne Human Relations Commission
    Lansdowne Borough Hall
    12 E Baltimore Avenue
    Lansdowne, PA 19050
    Phone: 610-623-7300
    Email Human Relations Commission
  • Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
    Philadelphia Regional Office
    (Serving the five-county area)
    711 State Office Building
    1400 Spring Garden Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19130
    Phone: 215-560-2496 Voice
    Phone: 215-560-3599 Text Telephone
    Official Pennsylvania Government Website