Lansdowne Arts Board

Lansdowne Destination Arts Community

Lansdowne Arts Plan

The Lansdowne Arts Board was established and charged to develop public policy that considers arts initiatives a priority, recognize the arts as a positive agent of social and economic change, dedicate public funding toward the arts, encourage private investment in the arts, foster the growth of highly-regarded arts programs, develop strategies for creating a sustainable work/live/show environment for artists, create and maintain an active Arts Board to oversee the continued pursuit of the Arts Destination Community objectives. Through vetting by the Economic Development Committee, members of the Arts Board are appointed by Borough Council and serve 4-year terms.


The Lansdowne Arts Board meets monthly at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month on Zoom. See the calendar event for the Zoom link.

  1. Clare Finin

    Term Expires 12/21/2026

  1. Erica Harney

    Term Expires 3/18/2024

  1. Jennifer Hoff

    Term Expires 6/15/2025

  1. Louise Naklicki

    Term Expires 2/2/2026

Spring 2022 Haikus from Lansdowne residents

To submit a Haiku visit the Lansdowne Arts Board webpage HERE

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