Library Board

The Board of Trustees of the Lansdowne Public library consists of seven members and one Borough Council liaison.  Members of the Library Board are appointed by Lansdowne Borough Council.

The mission of the Library is to enlighten and enrich individuals by providing equal access to quality information and superior services to meet the changing informational, educational, and cultural needs of the Lansdowne community. The library is committed to strengthening the diverse community of Lansdowne by advancing knowledge, promoting literacy, and fostering lifelong learning to improve the quality of life.

In pursuit of this mission, we rely on our staff, our collections, our physical and virtual spaces and on the following set of core
values: The library will provide fair and equal access, empowerment for users, opportunities for lifelong
learning, a sense of community, and most of


The Library Board Meetings are regularly scheduled at 7:30 P.M. on the third Tuesday of each month, except August.  The meetings are held at:
The Twentieth Century Club
84 South Lansdowne Avenue,
Lansdowne, PA 19050

  1. Neil Ronk

    Term Expires 6/15/2025

  1. Marie Campuzano


    Term Expires 4/20/2025

  1. Kymberly D.H. Hernandez

    Term Expires 4/20/2025

  1. Mark Lewis


    Term Expires 11/15/2027

  1. Ellen Lustgarten

    Term Expires 2/15/2023

  1. Kate Wagner

    Term Expires 4/20/2025

  1. Jobi Zink

    Term Expires 12/21/2025

  1. Regina Brown

    Term Expires 12/21/2025