Selling a house or business

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Resale U & O Resale Certificates Portal

Visit the Portal for all your U & O resale needs, Apply for and pay  for U & O certificates online.

Selling your house or business? 

In accordance with Borough Ordinance, transfer of real property requires a Property Transfer Permit (U & O ) Use and Occupancy Certificate prior to proceeding to settlement.

Special Announcement concerning  Resale U & O  Certificates 

Please read the special process setup for U & O resale Certificates

Special Announcement

Normal Settlement

  • Owner or agent applies for U & O Certificate
  • Associated fees are required to be paid upon submission of U & O application.
  • Once the application is received with appropriate fees, an inspection is scheduled for the property, inside and out.
  •  If violations of the code are found, an inspection list is provided to the seller or agent.
  • Once the listed items are corrected, then a re-inspection is completed.
  • If all listed items are satisfied, then a U & O will be issued so that the property may proceed to settlement.

Properties sold “AS IS”

Sometime properties are sold “as is” thru seller/ buyer agreements, auctions and sheriff sales that put all responsibility on the new owner or agent to obtain the Property transfer permit.

 (U & O Certificate). This can be obtained thru this following process:

  • New Owner or agent obtains U & O Certificate application 
  • New Owner or agent pays associated fees
  • If time allows an inspection maybe setup prior to application for a Conditional/temp U & O
  • Property violation list generated, if any violations exists. List given to buyer.
  • New owner or agent obtains Application and Affidavit for Conditional Occupancy Certificate
  •  Obtain Application Here: Application and Affidavit for Conditional Occupancy Certificate
  • New owner or agent pays all associated fees for Conditional/temp U & O
  • New owner or agent sets up a property inspection, inside and outside
  • New owner or agent corrects all listed items.
  • Property reinspected, if found compliant, Permanent U & O issued for property
  • Property can be occupied.

PDF Versions

U & O Certificate
Application and Affidavit for Conditional Occupancy Certificate
U & O Inspection Checklist (non-rental)
U & O Inspection Checklist (rental)