Rental Properties

Rental Properties

Rental properties located in the Borough of Lansdowne are regulated by Borough Ordinance 1063. This Ordinance requires all rental properties to be registered and obtain a rental license each year.  To register and obtain your rental license, the following process should be followed:

  • Obtain your rental property license application. Rental Property License Application.
  • Submit signed application with appropriate fees to the Borough.
  • Schedule a rental property inspection for your rental property.

If inspection passes and  no violations exist, a rental license will be issued to you.

If violations on the property are so noted, a time limit is placed on having those violations corrected, once corrected and inspected and verified, then a rental license will be issued for that property.

Be sure to include on the application , if applicable, any  of the following:

  • Property management company contact if manage by a property manager, must be active 24/7 for emergencies.
  • Must designate local property agent, if the owner lives more than 10 miles, up to 50 miles from property with rapid entry lock            system. Must provide name address and 24/7 contact number of this agent.
  • Emergency contractor contact information required
  • Latest yearly Fire alarm certification
  • Latest yearly Sprinkler System Certification, If equipped.

Forms not properly filled in will be deemed not complete and unacceptable to process.