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In 2008, Lansdowne Borough adopted a form-based zoning code. The purpose of the form-based code is to have more predictable building architecture (form) versus only relying on controlling the use of a building. The aim is to achieve a more appropriate architecture and higher quality form of borough buildings. Due to the additional requirements of a form-based code it is advisable to talk to the Zoning Officer about your business venture or project in advance of making a zoning permit application.  

Zoning permits process:
1. Review relevant portions of the zoning code and zoning district map (i.e. fencing, rear-yard setback, decking, addition).
2. Submit questions to lansdownezoning@lansdowneborough.com
3. Apply for a Zoning Permit at the portal.

The application will generate the following email confirmations:
      - Permit application submission confirmation
     -  Permit payment submission confirmation
     -  Permit application approval confirmation and instructions for site posting
     -  Permit application denial confirmation (insufficient detail, documentation, payment etc.) 

Zoning Appeals
Zoning Denials are subject to appeal by the owner or applicant within 20 days of issuance of a Zoning Denial. Appeals are made to the Zoning Hearing Board. 

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PDF Versions and Zoning Map of Lansdowne
Zoning Application Forms
Lansdowne Zoning Map
Zoning Appeal Hearing Form