Solar Panels and Installations

Increasingly, residents in Lansdowne are  finding that solar panels save money while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the Borough. Across the country, homeowners, businesses, schools, and local governments are using solar energy to drastically reduce their utility costs. Meanwhile, in the face of costly natural disasters that threaten the reliability of the electricity grid, solar can be combined with battery storage to provide backup power and make communities more resilient. 

To address solar soft costs at the municipality and county levels, the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) funds SolSmart, a program that provides official designations and no-cost technical assistance to help local governments accelerate the development of solar energy markets and reduce soft costs, using objective criteria to measure their progress. 

Lansdowne Borough participates in the Solsmart program and is working towards becoming a designee of the program.

For information regarding Solar panel requirements check our  Solar checklist.

For permitting information  check out our Permit process sheet.

Zoning Interpretation for  Solar Installations  

In order to streamline the permit process to encourage solar panel installations, kindly  see the :

Zoning Interpretation  for Solar installations