Lead Remediation Programs

Prevent Delaware County Children from Being Lead Poisoned! 

Nearly 80% of all homes and apartments in Delaware County have lead-based paint in them because they were built before 1980, the time when toxic lead paint was finally banned for use in homes. Lead poisoning can cause lifelong learning and behavior problems.  Stop this tragedy from happening by making sure your house or apartment is lead safe!   Families with children under the age of six or pregnant women can get the lead out of their homes now by contacting one of two free programs available in Delaware County that test homes for lead and get the lead out if found. Grandparents and other family members who have children under six who spend at least 60 hours a year in their home can also qualify.  Both homeowners and landlords who rent to qualifying tenants are eligible. 

 Contact one of the agencies below to start an application: 

Community Action Agency

Office of Housing and Community Development

Contact: John Forte

Contact: Nasia Hill

610-833-4453 or jforte@caadc.org

610-891-5427 or ohcd@co.delaware.pa.us


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