Community Engagement

Why Community Engagement 


Calling all residents, neighbors, business owners, and lovers of Lansdowne!! It is important that Lansdowne’s comprehensive planning process reflects the needs of Lansdowne’s many communities, especially those who have historically been left out of core decision making in the Borough. In order to ensure equity guides this process, Lansdowne Borough, with the help of Connect the Dots Insights, will be running a robust public engagement effort launching this winter. We will be present at public meetings, engagement pop-ups, and stakeholder interviews, and focus groups through the winter and spring, working tirelessly to reach as many voices as possible. We can’t wait to meet you!  

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 Community Engagement Timeline 



Engagement Tactic

Event Summary



Community Stakeholder Mapping 

We will identify and begin to interview  leaders to learn more about the core challenges facing Lansdowne Residents 

December 2021-

February 2022   

Connect the Dots 

& Lansdowne 

Online Citizen Survey

We will distribute a digital survey to gather your perceptions of Lansdowne’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Survey Period: 

January 2022-


Insights & Analysis 


Connect the Dots

& Lansdowne 

Interactive Borough Mapping

We will build a neighborhood map together to document Lansdowne’s physical and communal assets. 

March 2022 

Connect the Dots and Lansdowne 

Community Meetings & On the Ground Engagement Pop Ups 

We will be joining community meetings to share updates on the comprehensive planning process and tabling with information across town. 

January 2022- March 2022 

Connect the Dots 

Mid-point Public Meeting

We will be sharing updates on the planning process, answering questions, and gathering insights through workshops with the public.

April 2022 

Lansdowne & Connect the Dots 

Targeted Focus Groups

We will hold focus groups with members of and advocates for marginalized communities in Lansdowne 

April 2022 

Connect the Dots