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Posted on: February 10, 2021

Is Zero Waste an Option for Lansdowne? Part II

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Part II is an attempt to better understand how Lansdowne is currently
handling our waste management.

Part II is an attempt to better understand how Lansdowne is currently  handling our waste management. All of our mixed recycling goes to J.P. Mascaro, a  recycling company in Berks County; each recycling day at least one diesel powered  truck travels to this location to dump its contents. Mostly all of our trash is incinerated at  the Covanta owned trash incinerator in Chester, Pa. Every town in Delaware County is  presently contracted to use this facility. Every trash day at least two diesel powered  trucks make the trip to a Delaware County owned transfer station in Marple Township,  then it is combined with other trash and taken to the Chester facility. 

The toxic ash left over from the incineration process is trucked to a  Delaware County owned landfill in Berks County. Our yard waste is taken to Delaware  Valley Mulch on Township Line Road in Drexel Hill. Costs vary from year to year.  Presently Kevin approximated a dump fee of $60 per ton for trash; $85 per ton for  recycling. Craig Totaro, our township manager, estimated a total cost of 16.25% of the  general fund goes toward the Sanitation Department and our waste management. 

During a conversation with Terrence Stinson, recycling director of the J.P.  Mascaro company, Mr. Stinson informed us that they are able to find buyers for all of  our recycling materials, including all of the plastics. They are a sorting facility.  Manufacturing companies contact them to determine what materials can be purchased.  He was quite descriptive in relating how all plastics, #1-#7, can be used for  manufacturing. If materials come to them which should not have been in a recycling bin,  they take these materials to a landfill near them. They do no burning of plastics at their  plant. 

In looking into the question of trash incineration, it has become apparent  that there are many environmental dangers and environmental justice issues related to  burning municipal trash. In fact, the group has been petitioning the  county to not renew the Convanta contract when it comes due next hear. Trash is  coming there from all over the eastern seaboard as well as Puerto Rico, not just  Delaware County. The air pollution from the plant and the daily fleets of diesel trucks  going and coming, negatively everyone in southern Delaware County. 

We are continuing to evaluate our waste management options. We would  love to hear from any resident who has expertise in this area. 

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