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Posted on: April 19, 2021

Electronics and Clothing Recycling in Lansdowne


Lansdowne now has a contract with Retrievr to recycle electronic and clothing waste.

Lansdowne now has a contract with Retrievr to recycle electronic and clothing waste. I am quoting from their website - - regarding this service. As you know, we must pay to have our waste trucked to landfills and incinerators. This program was designed specifically to reduce a municipality’s cost in landfill fees. Retrievr will come to your door at a scheduled time that is convenient for you. On their website, they list the many specific clothing and electronic items which they will pick up. They take these items to a processing facility in Souderton, Pa. to be sorted, with the overall goal of finding buyers to reuse the items whenever possible. If this is not possible, they can find buyers for down cycling and fiber-to-fiber recycling. There is also a Buyback option for residents for certain brands. All these options are explicitly described on their website. 

The company states that their strategy is aimed at creating a circular economy. They see themselves as part of the Zero Waste movement. They are also offering manufacturers a way to learn the environmental impact of their products. 

Here are examples of what they charge to pick up certain electronics.

  • Dehumidifiers, window air conditioners and mini fridges are $50/unit. 
  • Standard TV’s and CRT monitors are $35 /unit.
  • Rear projection TVs, extra large CRT TVs and wood cabinet TVs are $100/unit.
  • I could not find information on the clothing, shoes and accessories, if there is a fee.

Again, please go to their website for specific information.

Please also note that Lansdowne has scheduled an electronics recycling and paper shredding event on June 19.  CLICK HERE for more information on this event.

Author: Dale Harris, Environmental Advisory Council

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