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Posted on: April 28, 2021

April 28, 2021: Gateway Slope Notes

Gateway Slope

April 28, 2021: Gateway Slope Notes

The Gateway Slope Project is underway in Lansdowne!   It will create a beautiful and welcoming “Gateway” to our wonderful town.  “Gateway Slope Notes” are notes by Parks and Recreation Board Member Carol Martsolf, who is a professional civil engineer in Pennsylvania.  In these notes, Carol shares educational updates and some basic insights so Lansdowne residents can be updated on the project.

 Gateway Slope Notes #7:  Types of Soils Matters for Designing Erosion and Sedimentation Control 

Protecting the area outside the construction site during earth moving activities is very important.  You may be wondering, how does the engineer know what erosion control features to utilize for the site?  It’s many factors.  One is the type of soil on the site that will be disturbed.  I remember having to review county soil maps for the erosion and sedimentation control reports I wrote for my projects.  The main soil on the Gateway Slope Project is called, “MkF: Manor soils, 35 to 60 percent slopes.”  You can look this up on the USDA Web Soil Survey site.  See the attached screenshot.  You can see the MkF.  This type of soil has a high runoff class, which means stormwater runoff has to be managed very well, and the sediment needs to be controlled very carefully during earth moving activities.  We’ll see what other erosion control devices will be used next! #GatewaySlopeNotes


Gateway Slope Notes #6:  Survey Markers