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Posted on: May 18, 2021

Clean Energy Initiative for Lansdowne Borough

Clean Energy Initiative

Lansdowne Borough Hall HVAC System has Been Upgraded

The new system can modulate the temperature across all rooms and times of day. This control allows users to optimize the climate both comfort and energy efficiency. The primary upgrade to the system is a controller, effectively the brain of the system. The brain combined with sensors throughout the building, allows heating and air conditioning to be zoned to fit the individual usage pattern of each room, which are very different. For example, the Police Department is always staffed and needs climate control 24/7; other staff and occupants are primarily present during daytime work hours Monday-Friday with some variation for meetings on weekday evenings. No need to heat and cool these rooms when they are not in use. The savings in energy costs are expected to be substantial.

This project is part of Lansdowne’s Clean Energy Initiative, which seeks to fight climate change and save money throughout the Borough by relying on electricity from wind and solar, combined with greater energy efficiency. Municipal projects such as the new “brain” are leading the way.

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