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Posted on: July 9, 2021

July 9: Gateway Slope Notes

Gateway Slope Notes #35 – “Checking the Erosion Control”

Happy July 4th!!  Hope you all are enjoying the holiday! With it being a holiday……There hasn’t been much to report.  So….. with all the rain we recently had, I thought it would be a great time to check out how well the erosion control features are working!  They seem to be holding up fairly ok, and there was no evidence of sediment flowing into the street and into our water systems.  There was some evidence of sediment on the sidewalk, but not that much.  There is a bit of ponding at the bottom of the soil slope, on the project site, but that’s because the slope is not seeded as it still will need to be graded.  All in all - I’m proud that we are keeping the area around the project site clean! #GatewaySlopeNotes



Gateway Slope Notes #36 – “Advancing on the Regrading”


There is a lot more regrading happening and you can see the progress from Baltimore Avenue.  The Bobcat T870 Compact Track Loader was on site, preparing the area for more precise regrading that will happen later.  There is so much soil on this project.  This is why the erosion control measures are so robust.  When I took a look at the site, the loader was in action and this equipment is quite nimble!  Let’s see the progress tomorrow! #GatewaySlopeNotes



Gateway Slope Notes #37 – “Advancing Regrading to (Almost) Scottdale Road