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Posted on: August 12, 2021

Gun Safety


The Borough has recently experienced a few incidents involving firearms. While some are deliberate and others are accidental, all incidents involving firearms are concerning.  I would like to share some information and safety tips to help avoid some issues involving firearms.  

On Tuesday evening, August 10, 2021, Officers from the Lansdowne Police Department were dispatched for a shooting.  When the Officers arrived, they learned that an accidental shooting had occurred.  A new gun owner accidentally shot himself/herself in the leg.  Fortunately, the gun owner was shot in a non-vital area and is recovering from the injury.  The outcome of this incident could have been quite different. 

In 1992, I joined the United States Marine Corps.  As a Marine, I was continuously trained in weapons safety and proper use.  This training carried over to my career in Law Enforcement.  Although some of the wording differs between organizations, generally the three “golden rules” always apply:

1. Always keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction

2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire

3. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded

An accidental and/or negligent shooting should never occur when these rules are properly applied to weapons handling.

Another area of concern is the accessibility of firearms.  Firearms owners must take responsibility for the location, condition (loaded/unloaded), and knowledge of their firearms.  Firearms should be stored in a location that is only accessible to those who have proper training and understand the three golden rules.  

While supplies last, the Lansdowne Police Department is offering gun locks to anyone who needs one.  Gun locks render a firearm inoperable, helping to avoid accident shootings. Email me at and I will make arrangements for you to obtain a gun lock.    

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