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Posted on: November 12, 2021

The EAC Welcomes New Volunteers

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It is very exciting to have new energy and creativity in our efforts. We welcome more volunteers for our various teams.

Thanks to everyone who spoke with us at the Farmer’s Markets. Our table was super busy with residents concerned about recycling properly and reducing waste in their lives. In addition, we offered great information on getting solar power for your home, making your home more energy efficient, planting with Native plants, switching to electric vehicles. All this because we have a goal for Lansdowne— to really focus on getting away from greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Now we have new teams of volunteers to begin working on these climate warming issues. It is very exciting to have new energy and creativity in our efforts. We welcome more volunteers for these teams:

CLEAN ENERGY: Let’s educate more people about discounts for putting solar on their roofs; for switching to electric vehicles; for maximizing energy efficiency with PECO rebates and Energy Star appliances. Save money as well as our planet!!

GARDENING IN PUBLIC PLACES: We are now coordinating with the Lansdowne Parks and Recreation Board. They no longer have prior volunteers available to help them with maintaining our parks. There is lots of weeding of invasive plants to be done. Lots of planting more Native plants—flowers, shrubs and trees. They are working on a monthly schedule for these projects. The gardening team will make sure you know what to expect.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND EDUCATION: Right now the library staff is working with us to develop programs for children and teens with the goal of getting excited about Nature. Growing up loving Nature will hopefully lead to passion about preserving our natural world. If you like to work with children and teens, let us know. We will be expanding our outreach and designing new projects.

ZERO WASTE: Are you passionate about litter and excessive plastic in your life? We are the team for you!! Right now we are looking into how to reduce plastic litter in our town. Plus, how to reduce our reliance on plastic products that are only used once and discarded. We want to keep up with the Delaware County Sustainability Committee, as they work with a Zero Waste consulting team to study the issues of making a county-wide effort to reduce waste and dispose of what we do have with air and water pollution in mind.

IF YOU HAVE OTHER IDEAS or want to sign up, PLEASE LET US KNOW at our email address:

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