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Environmental Advisory Council

Posted on: November 15, 2021

You can SAVE MONEY while also making our air healthier for your family!


Try these actions recommended by the Lansdowne Borough EAC.

Try these actions:

-- Keep your home no higher than 67° in winter. At home wear warmer clothes and add blankets to your beds.  Your ancestors managed that; you can too—really!  You’ll save on your home-heating bills AND create less air pollution.
--Don’t let precious heat in winter escape your home.  Cover up cracks in window sills or doors where air comes in from outside.  You’ll save on energy bills.
—Lower the temperature of your hot water heater a bit to use less energy.  You’ll save on energy bills (there’s a theme here!).  By burning less energy, you’ll also create less air pollution.
--Finally, take that money you’ve saved and do something special with it!

Also, did you know that Lansdowne's Environmental Advisory Council is developing several environmental initiatives? For more information, email us at

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