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Posted on: October 18, 2022

Meet Luna, Izzi and Luca!

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Luna is a beautiful smart ball of love who we rescued from PAWS four years ago when she was two years old. While she is a Philly native, she now enjoys the beautiful landscapes of Pennacock woods which she can see from our house. Her favorite pass times are snuggling, eating treats, playing and talking. We are so happy to have this little 8 pound wonder in our lives.

Nine years ago, Arne found a little Izzi in the middle of the busy street on a hot summers day in Philadelphia. We immediately took in this handsome gent who had been dumped and had 3 toes that needed to be removed. When we moved to Lansdowne in 2020, Izzi fell in love with the quite and beautiful views. Izzi loves to play and get into cabinets when he isn’t loafing around the house or squeaking for treats.

Lucca came into our lives about a year ago now. We adopted her from Hemlock Rescue. Lucca is the cutest and sweetest little pup. When she isn’t licking you she might be creating mischief. She is smart and defiles all logic being a huge 26 pound German Shepard mix of love.

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