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Lansdowne Borough Shade Tree Commission Street and Front Yard Bare-Root Tree Request

  1. Shade Tree Request Form

    Through the PHS Tree-Vitalize program, Lansdowne Borough Shade Tree Commission, Parks & Recreation and Public Works Departments, the Borough is pleased to offer residents bare-root trees twice a year, in Spring and Fall.

    Please use this form to submit a bare-root tree request. Your request will be reviewed by the Shade Tree Commission and Parks & Recreation Department in Spring (April) or Fall (November). If approved for a tree, you will be notified about two week before trees are delivered.

    Trees are provided to Lansdowne residents at no cost and must be planted in the front yard of the home, within 2-3 days of delivery.

    Questions? Contact the Parks & Recreation office at or 610.284.1493. 

  2. Street address must be located with the Borough of Lansdowne

  3. Preferred Tree Size

    Please indicate the size tree you prefer (Refers to tree size when fully grown)

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