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Lansdowne's Annual Town Wide Yard Sale!

  1. Lansdowne's Annual Town Wide Yard Sale!

    Saturday May 15th from 8AM until you decide to close. Rain Date is Sunday, May 16th.

  2. Lansdowne Yard Sale

  3. Join the fun!

    To register, you must fill out the webform and leave your address to be included on the Town-Wide Yard Sale Map. The form closes May 9 so let us know before then if you will be participating! Sales will be all over town and maps will be available on after May 10th. Questions? Contact

  4. Please remember to wear masks and limit the number of people gathering at one time.


  6. You must be a Lansdowne Borough resident

  7. Are you located in East or West Lansdowne?*

    Please indicate your location to help us as we make the map!

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