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Voluntary Security Camera Registration

  1. Register Your Security Camera
  2. About the Program
    Residents and businesses within Lansdowne Borough may voluntarily register their video surveillance equipment with the Lansdowne Police Department. Registering your security camera or video surveillance equipment enables the police department to respond quickly to the location of the camera and work with the owner to possibly recover evidence of a crime or to identify a possible suspect. This program is completely voluntary and the information residents provide will be utilized for police purposes only. Please complete the form below for each surveillance equipment location you wish to register. There is no fee to register and your information will be kept completely confidential. You may unsubscribe from this program at any time. We appreciate the community's help as we work to solve crime in the borough.
  3. Describe the locations of the cameras*
    *Exterior to the left is facing your front door and to the left side of your residence. **Exterior to the right is facing your front door and to the right side of your residence.
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